Computer won't start after ram upgrade

I did a ram upgrade and now the computer won't start. All I get is a yellow light and the fan comes on
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  1. More information is probably a very good idea.

    1) What type of motherboard?

    2) What type of RAM? (# of sticks, RAM speed, Brand, etc)

    3) Which RAM slots are you using on motherboard?

    4) Have you tried moving RAM sticks around into other slots?

    5) Have you tried removing the upgraded RAM and reverting to older RAM? Does system now boot?

    You could have bad sticks of RAM, you could also have bad slots on your motherboard. You could also have two kinds of RAM in your system that aren't compatible. You could also have RAM in your motherboard that isn't running at the right voltage.
  2. my guess is voltage. Use your old set of ram to boot into the bios and then manually change the voltage and timings to the new rams specs. Save and exit, turn off the machine, put the new ram in, and hopefully you will be good to go.

    However there is a chance that it could be bad sticks of ram / bad slots on the mobo like jerreece said. Start by manually setting everything and if that doesn't work post back.
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