Cpu temps a little high

Hey guys i have a lian-li PC-60FW Aluminum Super Mid Tower Computer PC Case
MY Case

My CPU temps have allways been a little high , i have not lapped my thermalright extreme heatsink or i7 920 D0 yet , but when i take the side panel off my core temps go down by a few deg .

Should i install a 140mm fan on the top of my case ??
Or is it not going to improve temps .

Is it that there not enough air going out of the case to stay slightly cooler ?
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    Your temps are actually pretty ok... I only start worrying when my temps go beyond the 60C mark.
  2. Temps are fine.
  3. one-shot said:
    Temps are fine.

    where do you guys see temps? Is it in a screen shot?

    Damn work blocks images...
  4. ya i know temps are ok , but the 2nd screen shot is with the side panel off.

    Do you guys think 1x140mm blowhole fan will decrease temps ?
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