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Ok heres the situation got my computer all built up so wooo. However now I'm in the situation where I can't get passed the bios. My OS I'm trying to get on my system uses SATA for both the harddrive and the DVD drive, but due to the lack of instructions that came with my Motherboard on setting bios I am not sure on what to do.
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  1. First what are your complete specs including model numbers.

    Can you get into BIOS? If so, set the DVD as the first boot device, put your OS disk in and boot.
    CPU AMD|A64 X2 6000+ 3G AM2 90N R
    MEM 2Gx2|CORS TWIN2X4096-6400C5 R
    HD 640G|WD 7K 16M WD6400AAKS

    When we put the OS cd in after setting the DVD to the first boot microsfot just went into a loop and hangs
  3. Legal non OEM or first use OEM copy? I assume a blank 6400AAKS.

    Loop, what do you mean? Does it attempt to install or just crash.

    Try the install with one stick of RAM. If that fails, then run Memtest86+ on the memory.
  4. It does the white loading bar and then the computer restarts and starts the white bar stuff again and the loop is continuous.
  5. I'm no AMD expert, but I would say RAM, DVD drive or OS disk. Run memetest86+ as I said earlier. Also, you can burn a copy of the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (CD) and test the HD. You will need to burn the ISO to CD with ISO Recorder or other ISO burning software.
  6. Now I have a new problem for some reason the Computer is not registering with the monitor aka when the computer is on no one is home on the monitor.
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