Free program to lower ping in battlefield 2142 game

Battlefield 2142 , I have a ping of 380-500 , I run on a home based network comprising of 4 single core p4 , 3Gb , processores and 1 quad core 2 with windows 7.

I need a free program to one manage and then lower my ping to 160 - 170.

Can anyone help?????????????.
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  1. You can't run a program to lower your ping time. You need to call your ISP.
  2. Read this,, will explain what "ping" is and why you can't just install some software to make it less.

    Aside from having the ISP check your settings, you modem and router, connection type, all will have some effect on ping. You can also check for different servers to connect to that are closer to you or at least have a better ping time. Note that in the internet world, physical proximity does not always equal a shorter ping time.
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