Need Help!!! Geforce 8800gt OC in SLI Problem!

Ok, here is the deal, i have been very much trying to NOT make a forum post about this, but i cannot seem to figure out my problem.. Im not retarded with computers, i always build my own, but i'm stumped! help me please :((




Abit Fatal1ty AN9 32x -

Video Cards:

both cards are the same Exact specs, except one is .18 bios and the other is .65

Power Supply:

Rocketfish 700w (SLI Certified) -

Windows Vista 64bit Business

I am aware that SLI shows as Disabled, but when i do Enable it my game performance drops tons in World of Warcraft, and shadows get very jumpy and flicker all over the place, Crysis performance seems to be better at times, worst at others.. 3dMark06 wont detect my SLI even with the patch applied too it.. I'm really just so sick of trying to fix this problem.. i used nTune and ran the "Tune System" (20 minute) and it increased my PCI-E bus by 40%, but performance still sucks. When i disable SLI, my single Geforce 8800GT OC runs everything perfectly fine, which is great, but.. not what i payed for, SLI.
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