DDR2 1066mhz running only at 800mhz

i just upgraded my .. well everything
i have the Asus m4a78 PRO and it does say, it supports up to 1066mhz rams
so i bought 4 sticks of rams, 1066mhz each from G.SKill
i set the voltages to 2.1
Set the Rams to 1067 in bios, it starts up again.
once it hits the loading screen my comp restarts.
i can only run them at 800mhz each right now.
i took out 2 sticks and ran them, same results.
and yes i did update everything.
I have the Phenom 2 940 black edition, HD 4870, and a 750w psu from corsair, i really dont know what the problem :(
please help :ange:
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  1. You cannot have 4 sticks running at 1066, only 2 so if you want 4gb of ram @ 1066 you need 2x2gb sticks. 4 will always run at max 800. That said, you have to set timings and voltage for 1066 manually in bios. The correct values you will find on modules/packaging/manufacturers website.

    Anyway, run them at 800, you wont notice the difference
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