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I am in the middle of building my first computer, but my current computer's (HP m370m) power supply is about to go I think. The power supply is a proprietary sized (shorter) unit, and a longer standard sized unit will not fit properly in the case. It is a 200W unit. I have searched the internet unsuccessfully for a higher powered unit that will also fit in the case. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was hoping that since it was an HP, someone would be building replacement PS's. I wouldn't mind keeping it running for my kids who are younger. Thanks.

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  1. Try HP support, or just Google it.

  2. Don't waste your money on another HP 2/3 size junk PSU. I had the same situation with my neices PSU in her HP. Get a new case and a real PSU and move everything to the new case. I got a quicky ultra budget one from Comp USA for $29 a few years ago when this happened. The PSU hadn't actually failed either, it was just eating HDs. I'm sure you can find a cheap one or maybe a better one that can be reused later for a new build.

    It's the easiest and best way in the long run.
  3. You may end up having to change the case, I'd imagine any cheap one will do as nothing can really go wrong with a case. I've picked them up before for £20-25 (~$30-40).
  4. Thanks everybody for the advice. I think I will go the new case and real PSU route.

  5. Wise move, you won't be disappointed.
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