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Hi all

I have a system (asus p6t deluxe, i7 processor, 6gb ram, and 1tb seagate barracuda drive) already built and running Windows 7. I upgraded to larger drives on my home server so I have a extra 1TB seagate drive I want to setup in a Raid 0 for better performance. I understand the concept of Raids, but have never setup one before. Do I need to reload the OS to setup the Raid or can I just add the additional drive :heink: ? From what I have read online it is just configuration in the bios correct? Any info or guidance you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Read the post labled "RAID 0"

    Anyway, YES, you will have to reinstall everything after setting up RAID, which you set up in BIOS AND upon boot up: <Ctrl>+<I> after BIOS posts. You will get a message pausing for input, if you set the drives to RAID in BIOS. These mobo are very useful and user friendly for setting up RAID. Check your manual.

    Since you only have 2 drives, albeit 1TB's, it would be better to use the 2nd as storage: Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, Contacts, Favorites, etc. However, 1TB for OS and applications is a HUGE waste, but faster than older/smaller hard drives.

    Since you have Windows 7, you can drop and drag these folders from your "User" folder on the "C:" drive, to the other drive, which should be "D:". Windows is very user friendly with this!

    BUT, I just noticed you have a home server, so maybe all these items are already on your server? Then, you could go with RAID 0 for OS and applications.

    Read other posts about RAID 0, they will help. They helped me!

    Try these posts: How do I Set Up RAID 0; RAID 0; Which is better: asus drive xpert or RAID.
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