CPUID Hardware Monitor - systin temp help

Well i just built my new pc, and i tried to look at the temperature for my hardwares and it shows systin at 86c.

same on everest home editon

EVGA 750i FTW sli motherboard..
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  1. Hello, I am having the same experience with the EVGA 750I motherboard, except my system temperature shows up for me as 124C. I see you are having the same trouble as I am in detecting the 12v+ correctly. I get between 7.5V and 8.4V on every program I have tried so far. (the MB and the power supply are fine, 12.2V on the 12V+) The problem is with the correct reporting of the system temp and the 12V+) In the BIOS, everything reads correctly!

    Now, if you don't mind letting go of the voltage monitoring on this board, try downloading the Nvidia 'system tools' off of the Nvidia website. Their monitor is the best I have found thus far, but not all of the fan speeds are totally accurate, and the voltages are non-existant. Otherwise a good monitor.

    If anyone else has found a good monitor for this EVGA 750I MB please post.
    I sure miss my motherboard monitor Too bad they stopped supporting it.

  2. Wow, that is incredibly hot, but some chips / chipsets run hotter than others, if its running your ok, but overclock is not an option there, and cooling would be wise to invest in if you stay with that system, also what is your powersupply, that could be also a problem.
  3. Ok this is a bug for the 750i ftw motherboards if you use cpuid hardware monitor 1.4 it should show it normal which is 30c so its no big deal just error

    also check your board temp in cmos, that is 100% accurate unlike these programs..
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