Copying Windows from one hard drive to another

How can I copy my windows program(XP) from my old hard rive to my new one? I tried to drag and drop from the old C drive to the new G drive but it couldn't finish copying because it was already in use.
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  1. you cant copy Operating system by simply copy & paste.. you need special tools to do it,..
    get hirens boot cd, and boot it, select hirens boot cd,
    then disk cloning tools->norton ghost

    see this video for step by step guide
  2. ghost is for hidden files?
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    It wasn't fast, but I used Acronis True Image Home to clone a few drives recently, and had no problems afterwards.
  4. Another vote for imaging software (ghost or Acronis True Image). I've never had a problem using them to do just this type of thing.
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