Ganged and UNganged / Also a boot problem

Ok first issue, I have been looking at the Ganged and UNganged setting on my motherboard. After some research I think I have the idea behind it, the processor will look at the duel channel as 1 large stick at double the bandwidth (128 bit) in Ganged. Then in UNganged it will look at all the sticks at 64bit.

Question: Is Ganged better then UNganged, I can't seem to find I strait answer on this topic.

Second issue, I have upgraded to 4gigs of ram. Though now when I start up the computer in the morning it may take 10min-30min or more to boot and see the bios. I have upped the voltage for the ram to what is suggested by the maker and that about it. Though when I restart after the computer has been running it boots back up no problem.

Question: Simple how do I fix?

Computer specs:
Motherboard=Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5
Processor= AMD Phenom Quad-Core
Ram= Corsair 4gigs (thats 1gig sticks x 4)

(I only listed the above because I believe it is something to do with these)
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  1. From what I understand, each has it's own virtues. Unganged mode is single channel, meaning each core get gets access to a stick of RAM, which in turn theoretically helps process faster. Dual channel lets each core access all the RAM, but increases bandwidth.
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