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Assuming price isn't an issue. Would I be getting a 16MB, 32MB or 64MB cache?

If I go for a big HDD, say 1.5TB would I be better with a larger cache than, say, a 500GB?
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  1. cache memory wont make much difference , if you need very good performance with your HDD then you have to get at-least 2 drives , one for operating system & another for installing applications, or RAID or final choice you can go for SSD which is costlier than HDD setup..
  2. Yes I need good performance, but I don't really want to start paying a fortune for a VelociRaptor or SSD.
  3. better get VelociRaptor for installing gamesbcz you can get more space than SSD but it's good enough for games .. if you had more money get one 40 Gb ssd for Operating system alone..
  4. I said I don't want to be paying for one of those lol. Or does it massively increase performance over a 7200?
  5. 7200 RPM drives never gives performance equal to VelociRaptors with 10000 rpm.

    if you need good performance get VelociRaptor

    or stick with 7200 drives .. at-least one for os & other drive for installing applications if you need it..
    or leave it..
  6. OK, thanks.
  7. WD Caviar Blacks might be of interest to you. They are a bit near the old Raptor's in terms of performance, but the price isn't so steep.
  8. don't worry about the cache at all

    the three performance drives at the moment are the blacks, .12, and F3, yes there is a significant performance jump when going to the veloci or a ssd but as you said there is a big price jump as well. Within the same model larger drives perform slightly better say a 500gb vs 750gb vs 1tb....

    the blacks outperform the old raptors by a decent margin in nearly all tests
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