ECS A790GXM-A, good board?

I'm looking at using an ECS A790GXM-A motherboard to go with an AMD 920 CPU.
Are there any known problems with the A790GXM-A motherboard?
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  1. After looking at reviews of the board the only thing that I can see as a small "issue" is that just update your bios right away and you should be fine. The update allows the board to work with the AM3 chips along with the 920/940 CPU.

    With that said its not a bad board for the price.
  2. Not a bad board, but no firewire, no eSATA ports, performance is on the low-end... decent workstation or Media server board.
    Go here for a pretty good review:

    My opinion, any ECS board....not my first choice even for a budget build.
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