Good power supply for gaming/web surfing computer?

I am currently building a gaming/web surfing computer that i would like to be decently fast and reliable. I will slowly buy the parts i've picked between paychecks until I have them all. I have a computer case and LCD monitor already. However I am still a bit "iffy" about the power supply. A good friend of mine says don't get one below 300W. I would LOVE to hear any and all second opinions. I'm just starting to learn about computers so please watch the "lingo:. :)
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  1. The power of your PSU would depend entirely on what other hardware is going in?

    Quad core/Dual core CPU?
    How many hard drives and optical (DVD) drives?
    What graphics card? How many?
    What is your budget?
  2. im tryin to stay below 1 grand lol... dual cpu... only gonna use about two graphics card...not sure which one yet but wont be a super high-end
  3. in that case a 450-500W power supply will do you fine. Make sure you buy from a known, recommended brand, typically Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Antec, etc.

    This list will give you a good idea what to go for.

  4. oops

    anyway, I'm sure the others on here will all pipe up with preferences.

    I use a Corsiar HX520 on my machine with overclocked Quad core and a 1GB 4870, 2xHDDs etc.
  5. I would recommend going for a decent brand as they are more likely to provide a clean and stable but for anyone on a really tight budget the EZcool PSUs are cheap and reliable (I've probably used about 50 in the past 3 years and not a single problem even on gaming PCs or PCs left on for 12h a day).
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