Prime95, i7 920, crashed after 8.5 hours large FFT

okay so I thought I had a winner with my overclock until this morning.

Yesterday I ran Prime95 (64 bit) for 10 1/2 hours in blend mode, no errors!
then I ran it in large FFT mode overnight, woke up this morning and heard windows restarting (windows chime), it ran for 8 hours 22 minutes before crashing.

would you call that stable since it went that long in both tests? or does the fact that it did crash after 8+ hours with large FFT means its not stable?

I am doing this at 1.2875 vcore (which actually reads at 1.248 on cpuz), I tried goign up to 4.0 ghz but was having to raise the vcore way to high for it to make sense (power/performance).

My settings on a X58A-UD3R board are:

200 bclock X 19
1.2875 vcore
1.30 vtt
1.34 IOH (SLI)
1.20 ICH
1.64 RAM (ram is supposed to run at 1.65 but I can't set it at odd numbers)
QPI at 3600 mhz
NB at 3200 mhz (16X, double my memory setting)

Ram is OCZ gold 1600, which has passed all tests, running at spec 8-8-8-24 timing
although one of the settings is on auto and bios shows 60 but others online said to set that to 88, haven't since I wasn't having problems

also performance is set to Turbo in bios (again did not switch back to standard because I wasn't having issues)

no vdroop
ht on
turbo off

temps were 67-65-65-64 with realtemp at max load

I don't want to raise the vcore more if I don't have to or mess with RAM settings, but kind of bummed me out about the large FFT failure after 8+ hours, especially when the blend went over 10 hours without issues. suggestions?
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  1. Well its obviously not 100% stable, but I doubt very much that it would ever crash in day to day use.

    If I were you I'd leave it and call it a day.
  2. +1^^

    I test my builds at 6 hours of large FFT's, it it passes it is good to go....
  3. thanks guys, I guess I will just let it ride and if my computer ever crashes while doing video editing or playing games, I will just have to tweak it a little...

    playing games hardly ever takes a computer to its knees so that shouldn't be a problem, but video editing does go to 100% utilization, but if all those tests last at least 8 hours stable, I guess I should never have a problem.
  4. test it with Intel Burn Test or Linpack
  5. When large fft's crash, it usually means a problem with the memory subsystem.

    Does small fft's crash?
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