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Ok so Im building a new CASe mod and I dont know what materials I should do it with. I see alot of pps making them with wood etc etc. Im overclocking my cpu to the max and I also have liquid cooling so I need plenty of airflow too and a material that wont make my pc hot. What are some good suggestions you have tried. I dont wana spend alot so I also want to use home materials to save money.
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  1. Read through some of these. Might give you ideas.
  2. Aluminum sheet and angle rods would be a good start.
  3. Are you building a case from scratch or modifying an existing case?

    As bobbknight already mentioned aluminum is a good start for the basic frame. For exterior surfaces you can use just about any material you want so long as you have sufficient ventilation and good airflow. I have seen some really beautiful wood cases that have adequate ventilation and airflow.
  4. Im starting a case from scratch using my existing pc case for parts to mod the new one.
  5. OK! You can use just about any material you want for the exterior of the case. The material itself will not make your pc hot. It is the lack of good ventilation and airflow that will cause temperature to increase. You just need to have a system that will pull in cool air and blow out warm air. Cases have six sides and each side can be used to some extent to improve ventilation and airflow.
  6. ahhh ok thanks so much my brain is starting to think clearly. ty again
  7. Don't know why people aren't using this but take a look at 80/20:
    My friend used these an Acrylic and it looks very nice. The catalog lists every thing you'll need to connect 80/20 to each other. (90* brackets,etc)
  8. I want to build an acrylic cube with one 360mm fan intake and one for exhaust for ultimate airflow.
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