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I had to spend several hours working on my Aunts laptop. She had some booting issues: it would act as if it was doing a "Resuming Windows" with the progress bar on the bottom, then it would stop and say F8 for boot options. It would do nothing at that point unless you turned it off and used F8 from start up. Then you would have to choose whatever the second option was (wish I took note of what it was) which was basically using an earlier configuration.

Once started she had major pop ups in IE and a Malware bytes scan found like 86 infections, SpyBot found 4 more. Before I did all this I had her HDD on the bench intending to back it up because I knew of all her problems. I intended to use her restore disk to start from scratch. When I did that I decided to run a Norton scan on the whole drive. It found one infection. It was the same the ltcmstcz.dll error that she's been getting at boot up well before I did the scan. At this point I put the drive back in and decided I would see if I could fix it without re-imaging it.

It gets this error right after it boots up and explorer starts.

Other then that, It's running tip top (for a 6 year old Sony Vaio with only 512MB RAM and a Centrino CPU) But I still get this error.

Any ideas?

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  1. Is that file actually there? Maybe it got removed during the virus cleanup. Do a scan using a different anti-virus than Norton, avira antivir is good to try. I recently cleaned up a PC, Norton found several things, then I ran Avira, which fond 2 more Norton missed. You may have a virus or something else that is still trying to run that .dll, which was cleaned out.

    Check startup group or registry Run settings for anything that may be starting that should not be?

    A good option would be to get a new hard-drive, install Windows on that, and mover her documents over to the new build.
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