First time builder, made some mistakes =(

My friend and I were putting my new computer together last night and ran into a few bumps. The main one was installing the cpu and heatsink onto my P5Q pro mobo. We had thought it was on right. However when I booted up I got a message saying the cpu was over heating. I ofcourse shut the pc down. Being that wasn't the only thing that went wrong I decided to just take it to the local computer shop. He told me that yes, the cpu wasn't attached all the way but he got everything up and running fine. I just can't shake the feeling that I ruined my new pc. I'm using it now and everything seems fine other than a driver installation problem. Will my cpu be ok?
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  1. You shouldn't worry about it.
    When the CPU overheats the PC should shut down automatically long before it reaches a temperature high enough to cause damage.
    You would have to override that setting in your BIOS then leave it running for a long period of time at unacceptable temperatures to damage it.
  2. I have an E2160 sitting in a box i thought I damaged...and I may have, just not enough to degrade performance, but it definitely will not reach the OC it did, before I did the exact same thing you did....although my settings were off(EIST and C1E or whatever its called)..... mine hit 90+c may even have hit higher 100+ i cant remember....

    all because my cooler refused to attach properly with the motherboard still in the case....LOL I had to make an emergency trip to Radio Shack for AS5. IT worked still but like I said earlier it wouldnt OC like before...3.2ghz was no longer achievable.

    My Cooler was literally dangling from the socket....held in place by 1 pushpin.

    Anyway thats why I ended up buying my E3110...
  3. ok thanks =) put my mind to rest.
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