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I'd like to overclock my stock 702GE gateway (p4 3.2ghz). I have 800mhz ram but its only running at 400mhz, so I want to oc it to 800, and maybe up some other things while i'm at it.

I haven't tried any software yet, but I checked the bios and, obviously since its a gateway, the bios settings are locked. I read some things on changing jumpers on the mobo in order to unlock the bios. However I couldn't find anything on my particular computer. I tried looking through the user guide, nothing mentioned about the jumper.

The jumper covers 2 out of 3 pins. To the left (where the jumper is covering now) it says 'bios config'. To the right, it says J2C1.

Any idea what this jumper does? Could it possibly unlock my bios? Should I put the jumper over the other pin or just take it off or not touch it and just try a software program?
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  1. I suspect that jumper clears your BIOS. Gateway BIOS's are locked.

    You say your RAM is running at 400 MHz. What do you base this on?
  2. pc wizard 2010. it says I have a divider set to .5 so my fsb runs at 800 mhz and my ram is clocked at 400 mhz. Do you think I would be able to change that with some software? (which would you suggest?)

    the ram I have is clocked at 800mhz, but only running at 400.
  3. Definition time (attention purists, I'm talking about DDR2 and I'm simplifying a little :)):
    Core2 CPU's use a frontside bus (FSB). The FSB is a thing with two main characteristics: speed which is usually defined in MHz and width which in the Core2's is 64 bits wide. We are concerned with the speed.

    Using the Q6600 as an example, the FSB frequency is 266 MHz. The matching DDR2 memory clock for that frequency is 533 MHz (266 X 2). DDR2 memory transfers two chunks of data for each bus cycle, hence double the frequency. So, to run 1:1 at an FSB of 266 MHz, we need DDR2-533 RAM. What CPUZ does is a little confusing. It will tell you that the memory frequency is 266 MHz for a 1:1 ratio.

    The FSB clock is 1066 MHz (266 X 4). The bus is "quad pumped". It transfers 4 chunks of data into and out of the CPU each cycle. So each FSB cycle generates 4 FSB clocks.

    Now, if you increase the FSB frequency to 333 MHz, the corresponding memory clock is 667 MHz and the FSB clock is 1333 MHz.

    Utility software frequently calls things a little different. The OC forums here have pretty much standardized on CPU-Z.
  4. yeah dude your ram's running fine. you need to double the data rate to get the real speed on that ram.
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