Which SSD option?

Good day,

I am trying to decide which ssd/ssd's to buy. These are my options.

SSD now M series 80GB
SSD now V+ series 64 GB
SSD now V series 40GB x2

The options cost more or less the same. Which option will perform the best?
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  1. The Kingston SSDNow M series gets a thumbs up as it uses the Intel firmware updates, features a three-year warranty and comes with the support of KingstonCare. When buying a hard drive you should want something that is reliable and stable, which is something you can be certain of when it comes to Intel/Kingston.
  2. The firmware cannot be updated on the V Series.
    The V Series comes with cloning software and tools, that the M Series does not.
    The M Series is faster also.
  3. Both the M series and 40 GB V series comes with the intel controller. So which will be faster, one 80GB M series or 2x40GB V series in RAID 0. Any advise will be appreciated.
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