AHCI showing as IDE

I'm usually pretty competent, but can't seem to figure this out.


Windows Home Server
Gigabyte UD3R - P45
4 x 1GB DDR2 1066
WD 640GB Black HDD (OS)
Samsung 1.5TB F2EG drives (x6)

I've got a hot-swap drive bay in my Windows Home Server. I've got the OS drive attached to one of two SATA ports from the Gigabyte controller ports and the hot-swap drives attached to the ICH10R controller. I installed the drivers (Intel Matrix), rebooted, and enabled AHCI, but when I go to Computer Management, it still shows the Samsung drives as IDE.

Is this normal? Will I still be able to hot-swap them? Do I need to do something else?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. No one yet...that's OK. If anyone has anything similar or any information that could lead me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

  2. I looked into ACHI also...but from what I understand it's how the data is written onto the harddrive that's different. Data is written in a pattern that is more efficient so the mechanical arm retrieves more data on a given swipe. So you have to format as ACHI, not just switch over.
  3. The good thing is that it's on a data drive and not the OS, so booting won't be an issue.

    Yeah, I think AHCI has benefits of hot-swap and NCQ.

    Thanks for the response...still trying to figure out why it's displaying that way.
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