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I am a tomb raider game lover, but now I have played them all. I have just ordered a new computer to run games that can kill in 3d graphics but I liked the tomb raider Idea is there any othere games out there with Awsome graphics that anyone would recommend
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  1. I've heard Thief and Thief II are good, but I haven't played them. Alice is a pretty new game with cool graphics, but it's majorly twisted ;)
    As for different styles of games, Untreal Tournament, Quake 3 and Tribes 2 are all good choices.

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  2. Unreal Tournament and soon Unreal II, IMHO, by far have the best 3D graphics engines.
  3. I agree. Although the screenshots of Unreal II that I've seen look strangely like Tribes 2.

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  4. i disagree. i think the unreal II screenies look much better than tribes 2. and did you see the fog effects? they are SOOOOO much more advanced that tribes fog which just serves to make a white wall across the map so that you dont have to render as much at a time.

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  5. Giants: Citizen Kabuto is a great game for visual stimulation. Anything based on the Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament engine looks good too.

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  6. I agree, Giants is visually superior to most games out there. Another one that looks pretty good is Sacrafice. Graphics are pretty spectacular on that too.
  7. Yeah- sacrifice is pretty too.

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  8. I'm not saying that I think Tribes 2 and Unreal II are the same engine. I don't see any fog on any screenshots. Where'd you find them?

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  9. It may not have the absolute best graphics, but Deus Ex might appeal to you. An older game would be System Shock 2. IMHO, it had the best atmosphere of any game ever made.

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  10. Alice had pretty graphics, but I thought gameplay was pretty bad. But maybe that's just because I'm not patient enough to sit and try to solve puzzles, just gimme something to kill! LOL

  11. No one lives forever is also pretty good, not really in the Tomb Raider genre but still a good game.

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  12. TRY THIS : soldier of fortune (sof)
    go here for more info ! : www.raven.com

    linux has got to be better !
  13. Soldier of Fortune is almost as old as the original post :wink:

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  14. If you really liked the 3rd person feel of Tomb Raider, try Max Payne or Deep Space Nine the Fallen.
    If you like Flying games try IL-2 Sturmovik or Comanche 4.
    If your into First Person Shooters try Ghost Recon, Quake 3 Gold or Totally Unreal.
    All these games look Great on High End Graphic cards and fast CPU's. They really sound great to if you have a good sound card and a 4.1 or 5.1 speaker setup.

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  15. Also rtcw is a great fps!

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  16. Does anyone here think that RTCW well just...


    Even the multiplayer, Day of Defeat (A free Halflife Mod) is a better WWII multiplayer game than RTCW. Why charge so damn much for this friggin game? It's not like they developed a brand new engine, it's still nothing but a modified Quake3 engine. After playing No One Lives Forever this game seemed like a ripoff.

    On the bright side, these were the best damn graphics of any game I've ever seen. Personally I like Voyager Elite Force as a fps much more than RTCW.

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  17. I think this game was awesome, and the day of defeat graphics don't come close to looking as good, and that really pisses me off. Also, did u notice that the womens' boobs are actually round?? I also really liked the gameplay.

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  18. I think the MP Wolfenstein is shite compared to Day of Defeat. DoD's graphics may be dated but it blows Wolf and Medal of Honor out of the water when it comes to gameplay. That said, I DID enjoy the single player Wolfenstein. Nothing touches DoD, though. Look for the 2.0 beta to be released soon!

    Afterthought... It's pretty gay that you can pump a whole clip into a guy and not kill him (Wolf MP). Medal of Honor SP is horrible... you can run around 20 guys while they shoot the hell out of you and not die. I mean... seriously... thats not realistic.
  19. I just love spending $50. to play a game only once or twice. Wolfenstein, well like you said. I like Ghost Recon better, but since I got to the brigde with the tanks I haven't played it since. I must have more then 15 games that I played only a few times. Unreal Tournamnet is more then a game, it's a way of live.
  20. Just glanced through the posts and am pretty sure most of these have been mentioned, but here:

    Ghost Recon and any of the Tom Clancy games
    Max Payne
    Operation Flashpoint

    Giants or Halo for Xbox

    Unreal Tournament
    Upcoming Sequels

    Some like the Halflife and Counterstrike games, but I'm no fan, but check them out.

    Tribes and Tribes 2


    Quake Arena or any of the Quake games, but these look like crap compared to the rest. Good for LAN parties though.

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  21. I should note that some of these games are pretty demanding on a computer. It was amazing to see how great some of these games look on a good system when I upgraded.

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  22. Single player, I'd definately suggest that you give half life a go, ok, the graphics arnt excellent by todays standards, but they arn't bad, and the game itself is awesome.

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  23. Drakan is a similar format to Tomb Raider, personally i was not a fan of Tomb Raider, but when i tried Drakan it was similar in 3d ggraphics and they play was excellent!

    Drakan:Ancient Gates
  24. wow man...check the date on the original post!!

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