Corsair HX 1000W Modular Power Supply PROBLEM

Just got it in the mail, brand-new from

So here's the issue...

Hooked it up the first time and it took me all the way into windows, then just crashed. I figured I had a loose cable or something, so i unhooked and hooked everything back in...

Then it wouldn't power up. Motherboard LEDs were all on, but when I hit start it start spinning for a moment then kill...

This power supply is VERY sufficient to do the job. (considering I'm currently on my crap 550W Rosewill)

Did I just get a spoiled egg?
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  1. It happens, but i'd be surprised if it did. Double check to make sure you have all your connections right and haven't used a cable in the wrong place, double check the manual reading it carefully. If it doesn't work after that then either RMA it or contact customer support at Corsair (they have a great rep, but i've never needed them)
  2. I had the same issue today. I also received a Corsair HX1000W power supply from Newegg about 4 days ago. Everything worked fine for a few days, but when I tried to power on the computer this morning, there was only a very brief spin of the fans and lights and then nothing after, just like you experienced.

    I attempted a PSU test that was supplied by the Corsair support forums, maybe it will help you determine whether or not you got a spoiled egg: When I performed this test, my PSU was unable to power the fan, so I'm thinking the PSU is faulty.

    I've RMA'd the psu, and will be receiving a new power supply tomorrow (same model). I'll test it out and see if anything improves. I'm hoping I was just unlucky with the first one.
  3. Thanks for the post Jayfar.
  4. Hi guys,

    I have the same problem just happen to me. Just wondering if you confirmed it was a faulty power supply.

  5. GEEZ! This doesn't sound good at all. I sure hope they didn't have an entire production run that is bad. That would be a very major bummer, especially since Corsair has a reputaion for high quality power supplies.
  6. Hello,

    I'll provide an update from my Power Supply issue from nearly a year ago.

    After successfully RMA'ing the defective Corsair HX 1000W in January 09, I received the same model as a replacement from Newegg a few days later, and the replacement has worked flawlessly the past 12 months. Given the success of the replacement, I definitely believe the first power supply was faulty and uncharacteristic of Corsair power supplies.

    Even with the issue I had last January, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase the same Power Supply again. I think it was and still is my best option; I just happened to get a lemon the first time.
  7. thks for the update, its always good to hear the end result of things. I wasn't 100% it was the power supply in my case, thats why I asked the question.

    Ultimately it looks a process of elimination. I know its not the motherboard or CPU and the funny thing is the old power supply which i put back in works fine.

    The new one, not a thing. Fans spin for split second, lights flicker and then nothing. Thought it might be a short but I can't find anything. Old power supply is suppose to have short circuit protection as well.

    I'm at a real lost. I just know when I take the new power supply back and its tested, there bound to say its fine.

    My next step with time allowing is to test the new power supply with just motherboard & cpu out of box and go from there.

    My research on the corsair psu has show some people having issues with it but probably no more than usual. The other thing I come across was power supply compatibilty issues with intel X58 chipset motherboards. Not sure if anyone else can enlighten me more on that?

    Thanks again for the response.
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