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I hope this is the correct forum,

I built a computer about 6 months ago and just recently have started to have some problems:

gigabyte GA-x48-DS5 motherboard
8gb ddr2-800 ram
1333 FSB
650W power supply
2 hd 4850s in crossfirex
windows 7 ultimate
thermaltake m5 water pump
4 led fans

Just reloaded windows to see if that was the causing problem. Changed nothing
I used to be able to overclock my system to 1700FSB (the motherboard is rated at up to 1600). Now the board wont take any clock whatsoever. The video cards also will not overclock without having the drivers fail. The computer takes a long time to go to sleep. the monitor will go off and up to a minute will pass before it finally shuts off to sleep. sometimes after putting the computer to sleep i will come back and it will have shut down. I have the sleep in memory S3.

Could i be overloading the CPU? could my board be bad? is my ram at fault?

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  1. Could be your power supply as well. What is it specifically?
  2. its an antec earthwatts 650W
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