Modification of ATI HD4870X2, how viable do you think it is?


My goal is to build a quiet system that still packs some bang for the buck and my choice were either to take a single HD4870X2 and try to modify it to be cooler and less noisey or take 2x HD4870 in CF, put a Arctic Cooling Accelero S1(or S2) on them and then mount a 120mm Noctua, Nexus or Scythefan on them. The problem with the last configuration is that I then don't have any space left for my tv-tuner or my soundcard.

Found an forumthread on how to modify a HD4870X2. Basically you strip it down to just the two heatsinks and the heatspreader for the memory0 and then strap on 2x 120mm fans and you're done. Sounds like a charm but when you start to read the whole thread people are complaining about the author not having his motherboard mounted in a chassi and they are saying that the graphicscard is gonna collect dust in no time and it's just gonna overheat and die etc.

Well what do you think, is this a viable way to cool your HD4870X2 and reduce the noise from the stock-cooling? Me myself am bound to try it but I'm afraid to mess up my graphicscard since one of these beuties cost a whopping 500+€ in Sweden.

Anyone have a better idea how to cool your HD4870X2 and reduce the noise from it? Don't say watercooling since that's not an option for me.

(Excuses in advance for the poor grammar and spelling, I'm a swede and the time is 00.30 here ;))
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  1. Tri-Slot HD 4870X2 might be in order for you.

    Gainward Rampage700 2048MB GS
  2. It might, but it's like 100€ more then I can afford since I'm a student.

    I think I just have to realise that this card isn't so quiet and that a cooler like Accelero will never come out to the X2-cards. :(
  3. I don't think it's really worth it to mod the cooling to be honest, they might run a little warm on the side, but nothing to concern yourself about. I realized that, at least for me, it's not worth it to buy additional cooling down the road since the gains aren't sizable enough to warrant it, it's just better to get upgraded cooling from the factory if possible.
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