Help Me I just built my first pc and i have a problem

This is what it says when i turn it on "Reboot and select a proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot divice and press a key" Someone please help me since this is my first pc i ever built. Thnx
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  1. You need to install your cd/dvd of your operating system that is for you computer. What are you specifications of your system, by the way??
  2. Oh i dont have a reformatted drive im using a old one but only like 2 yrs old buy everything else is new i have a Msi mobo Amd Athlon X2 5400 Nvidia Gefore 8200 and Transend DDR2 2gb Ram
  3. So do you have a copy of an OS that your trying to install?? I'm pretty sure you can't just move your HD from one PC to the next, without some issues. I might be wrong, but your current HD doesn't appear to have any information on it. That is why it's asking you to "Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key".
  4. It does it has windows xp
  5. Ideally you want to reinstall the os: you are going to run into driver problems now and stability issues later by trying to use the same os install in a new computer.

    make sure the drive is showing in bios, then insure that is as selected as the boot drive. there are two settings in bios one that selects boot device order and another that selects which hd is considered the boot drive.
  6. Try changing your sata setting to "ide" in the bios, if needed.
  7. Ok i finally am able to run Bios but it doesnt detect i have a hardrive or optical drive even though i have it all plugged in correctly and ive checked over like a billion times
  8. as o1die said you may have to set the sata to ide, check you mb manual it's a little different on every board
  9. IM running in IDE Mode and it still will not show up
  10. I think i figured out the problem but i dont know how to do it I read something about i had to adjust the Master/Slave Jumper and i dont even know what a jumper is.
  11. Here is where the jumper is on the back part of your HD.

    You should have it selected to "Master" (assuming you only have this HD hooked up to the IDE ribbon cable. If it's the second one down on the ribbon cable, It'll need to be on the "Slave" selection) selection. The jumper is usually green or black and you pull it out of it's slot and insert it into the correct slot that you want to select. I think you could even get away with the "Cable Select (CS)" option too, but it's been awhile since I installed an IDE HD.
  12. I wouldn't install it as cable select, sometimes those old drives are finicky. Pull that jumper out, and there should be a diagram on the label of the drive that shows you where to put the jumper for various settings. Place it in the setting as a master, then make sure the cable on the board goes to the ide slot that says 1 or 0. Whichever number is lower on your board.
  13. i never even had jumper cables but i can look around
  14. Would it be a whole lot easier if I just went out and bought a Serial ATA drive

    Because my motherboard came with cables for that.
  15. Your HD should've come with the little jumper piece. You can also find them sometimes on mobo's (if not used). All that the jumper does is close an electrical circuit.
  16. Ok Thnx
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