I have windows xp media center and i tried to change the way my start up starts in msconfig and when i make changes i get a (access denied. need to log in as admistrator).i dont know how to do that since im novice in computers.this is my personal computer so im the only one that uses it can someone explain what that means and how to help me change it to administrator.
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  1. So here is a question, if you are a computer novice, why are you messing with the startup options? Do you know what you are trying to do and what will happen if you do it? What issues are you having that you need to disable stuff in msconfig?

    Assuming you have to click on a user icon to logon : to change to the administrator account, at the logon screen, hit Crt-Alt-Del twice in a row. You will get a different type of logon screen. In the user field, type in administrator. Try to logon with no password. If that does not work, you need to find out from whoever set up your computer what the admin account information is.
  2. I bought the computer at a pawn shop and when i turn the computer on it takes me staright the never asks me for a password or anything like from step one what do i do first.turn off the computer and type ctr-aly-del twice then what
  3. OK, with no logon prompt, you need to get to Windows and then to a Log Off from the Start menu. Then put in administrator for the user. If you bought it used with the OS on it, and a blank password does not work, try "password" "pass" something like that. If that does not work, you'd have to use a CD to change the administrator password, like Hirens BootCD, and use the NTPWD utility to reset the admin password.
  4. sorry to sound novice,but im confused a little bit.i have logged of from the start menu and it takes me straight to the windows screen with my folders aetc,but at no point it ever asks me for a told me to put in (administrator for the user),but when do i do that
  5. Did you Reboot or Shut Down, or Log Off? You need to specifically select Log Off.
  6. ok i rebooted and i logged off then it takes me to a blue screen with a turn off option on the left and my name on the other option,so i click on my name and it takes me to the os,but at no point it gives me an option to be administrative or anyother option,so now what
  7. So at that screen with the name (which should have an icon next to it), hit ctr-alt-del twice, and you should see a different logon screen with the username and password fields you can type in.
  8. ok i did that now it took me to a short blue screen that says windows xp.
    user name: which has my name

    ok option/ cancel option/options
    ok hwat i do next.i havwe pressed the ok and it takes me back to the os but never anything about administrator
  9. You need to type in administrator in the user name field.
  10. thank you hang-the-9. that did it very helpful.hey i just have a question qhy did it delete my itunes and a few other folders
  11. It did not delete it, when you loaded the administrator account you got a new Desktkop, Favorites, My Documents folders. Those are user specific. If you logon again using your own account, you will see it all back.

    Windows has some folders that are set by the User that logs on. Your background image, documents, several other things are stored in the user folder, when you logon as a different user, you get either the defaults (if the user is new) or whatever they setup. So if you have kids lets say, you can create user accounts for them, and they each can have their own background picture, icons, favorites.
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