Gigabyte GA-EX58-DS4 NB_FAN (North Bridge Fan Header)


I've recently completed my new build of:

Core i7 920
Gigabyte GA-EX58-DS4
3GB OCZ Platinum DDR3
Antec NEO 550W PSU
still got my old Radeon X300SE in atm before I upgrade

Everything's running great but the CPU is at 50 degrees on idle. I know they run pretty hot anyway and I'm not overly concerned but I wondered if it might be worth putting another system fan in. I've only got the stock intel cooling with one of those chimneys on a TAC case (the case was left over from an old Evesham P4 system).

I've got three questions really, the first is about a section of the motherboard manual. On page 23 it mentions a North Bridge fan:

NB_FAN (North Bridge Fan Header)
Connect the North Bridge fan cable to this header.

Is this just a case fan aimed at the North Bridge or is it something mountable on the motherboard? I've spent a while on Google without finding out a great deal.

Secondly is it worth putting in something like a Nexus 92mm Real Silent Case Fan to help with the airflow? I'm trying to keep everything fairly quiet and might be investing in a Sapphire HD 3850 Ultimate card, but with it being passively cooled I'm expecting this to increase the temp inside my case.

If it is worth getting a case fan, whereabouts should I be pointing it? :)
Or is it better (as some articles I've read suggest) to add another exit fan rather than another entry one?

Also, does the stock intel thermal paste have a 'break-in' period where I will see temperatures drop after I've had the CPU under load for a while, like some other pastes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I did this:

    to my N/Sbridges, but I've got to get caught up on the i7 - I don't know what the northbridge is all doing there, as the memory controller claims to be on the CPU? The reason I figured mine was worth cooling was I expected it to hump eight G of OCd memory, while running five huge programs on four monitors - all of which have huge data files... I realize it probably still runs all the other bus components, but, without the memory control burden, I should think it's kind of loafing along!
    Also, does the stock intel thermal paste have a 'break-in' period where I will see temperatures drop after I've had the CPU under load for a while, like some other pastes?

    Sounds like a stock Intel cooler in use - if I were you, the very first thermal control investment I'd make would be to dump the Intel, and buy something (anything) else...
    Here's a pointer to some GREAT thermal paste - it's thixotropic, i.e., flows under pressure and shear, so gives excellent distribution:

    GB GA-X48-DS5 w/f8a BIOS - Q9550 stepE0 @ 3.825Ghz:
    Arctic Cooling Freezer7Pro w/92mm PWM 'daisy-chained' to CoolIt Systems RamFan w/EverFlow F126025BU 60mm PWM;
    Sunon KDE1204PFV2 40mm/NorthBridge; EverCool EC3010M12CA 30mm/SouthBridge;
    8Gb (4x2) 1066 G.Skill F2-8500CL5D @ 1080 (DDR2-8640) 5-5-5-15 on 2.4(6:5)mult/1333strap...
    CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 w/Silverstone SST-CMD01 ESA 5ch fan controller/4ch temp sensor:
    3 Arctic AC12L exhaust (top x 2 + rear); 2 Scythe SF12D (HDD cage top + rear); Scythe SF12E bottom intake...
    Koutech IO-FPM220 3.5" Floppy & Card Reader; 2 IDE DVD's;
    4 150Gb WD Velociraptors in two RAID0 pair-OSs & swaps; 2 1Tb WD RE3s in RAID1-data; 1 Sg 1.5Tb backups...
    Multiboot via BootIt NextGeneration:
    VistaUltimateX86/VistaUltimateX64/XpProX86/W7βX64(all courtesy of TechNet)
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