9800GTX+ or GTX 260

Ok, I have come to terms that I need new video cards (currently on 7900GTX in SLI). I am toying with either the 9800GTX+ or the GTX 260 (want to stay with nvidia so I can SLI again). I can find both for as cheap as $170 and $250 respectivly. My curiosity comes in to play as to how well each card will do with my current setup as I only want to update video at this time (don't have the $$$ for a new build yet). My current setup right now is:

Abit Fatal1ty AN9 32x 590i SLI motherboard
AMD X2 6000+ socket AM2 cpu
4gb Mushkin DDR2 6400 ram
OCZ 900W PSU (4 12v rails @ 20amp each)
2x74gb RAPTOR HD's RAID 0
Windows XP Pro (SP 3) (eventually going to add dual-boot for Vista)
Samsung SyncMaster 19" LCD 1280x1040 res (max)

So far from what I am gathering it seems better for me to go with the 9800GTX+, but I am trying to find some input from others as I haven't paid attention to the newer cards in a while. Last new cards I bought where the 7900GTX's that I have when they where $600/each. Thanks for the help.
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  1. I would get the 260.
  2. If you have any idea you might upgrade that monitor in the near future, get the GTX 260


    If not, stick with a 9800 GTX+ and save the $50. There will be almost no difference at 1280x1024.

  3. I plan to keep what I have for now, until I do a new build seeing as I don't have money for much beyond about $250 for now.
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