Is Dell SXPS-122B dual channel or triple?

Hi everyone,
First, does anyone know if the Dell SXPS-122B from Best buy ( uses DDR3 Dual channel or triple channel? (it has 6 slots, 4 are filled with 1gb each, two are open)

Second, if it's dual channel, then will it 'upgrade' to triple channel if i simply insert two more 1gb in the empty slots?

Is there anyway to know for sure which channel type the machine is? is CPUZ accurate to determine channel type? It shows that the Channel is triple.

Finally, Would I be able to install 2gb in the two empty slots or would I have to keep all memory the same size?

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  1. I would use 1 gb sticks in the 2 empty slots. Use the cpuz readings to match the memory chipset maker and timings. At, crucial has the "memory configurator" software to match your dell memory. It's guaranteed to work. Newegg may be cheaper, but charge a 15% restocking fee if it's memory doesn't work. They had some ocz 3x1gb of ddr3 for $27.99 after rebate, but I don't know if it will work with your dell. If you can't get a decent price on 2 sticks of ddr3, I would just leave your system alone and let prices come down more. You won't notice that much difference between 4 and 6 gb of memory, dual channel or triple channel.
  2. Hi o1die, Thanks for the advice.
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