Help? Does the master/slave selection effect operation of SATA drives?

I have just successfully completed buliding my latest PC. It has a AMD 2.2 GHz Phenom processor, a Gigabyte motherboard, an Ninvida 8800 series vodeo card and, thus far, 2 Western Digital SATA 80 gig HD's. Apparently the HD that I started out with ("C"drive) was jumpered as a "slave", because the Bios lists it as such. The second 80 gig HD is now my "F" drive an the Bios has deteced it as the "master" drive. Do the jumper settings effect the operation of my PC? Thank you inn advance.
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  1. There are no jumpers. Master and Slave depend on the SATA port the drive is connected to. It makes no difference at all if the drive is displayed as master or slave.
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