This PSU good? How good?

Coolmax M-500 500W ATX12V Power Supply (Black)'
# Total Power: 500 W
# Input: 100~132VAC or 200~264VAC
# Output: +3.3V @ 28A; +5V @ 28A; +12V1 @ 14A; +12V2 @ 16A; -12V @ 0.3A; +5VSB @ 2.5A

Can this handle:
M3N78-VM mobo
512 DDR3 EVGA 9600 GT (in hybrid SLI config)
Phenom quad core 9600 95WT 2.3ghz
Hitachi 500gb deskstar sata
4gb RIGID Supertalent (dual Channel)
SAGITTA 2 case
lite on dvd/cdrw drive sata

No issues?
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  1. Shouldn't have a problem.

    Hows it going with spamming up the forums there charlie?
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