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Alright, I have a E5200 overclocked at 3.33ghz with stock fan till now.
Im going to get the 5850 so i need to overclock my cpu even further. Cooler Master Hyper TX2, How good is this? How far could i get? Can i get to 4.0 Ghz with it?
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  1. Hyper TX2 is a decent, another is the Xigmatek HDT s1283, both can possibly support an OC of 4.0 on an E5200. The question remains, will the CPU go that high, and will the motherboard support the 4.0 OC stable...
  2. My motherboards a MSI P6NGM .. Heres a link, So you think the Hyper TX2 will go to 4.0 with no problem?
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    I will not guarantee an OC of 4.0, furthermore, that kind of OC is pretty extreme. If any air-cooling is going to support that OC, the two i listed before will support it, but again, it's all dependant on the motherboard capabilities and if the CPU itself can reach that speed. ALL CPU's & Motherboards are different.

    In my opinion, go to 3.6, that should support the 5850 no problem and it will mitigate possible damage to the CPU/Motherboard as it is a moderate OC...
  4. 3.6 is good but 4.0 would be great.
    From your personal and own opinion, the fan, e5200, my mobo .. 3.6 is decent, but i want 4.0 .. You think it could work? =(
  5. it is possible, but i would say about a 20% chance which means that the CPU is one that came from a "good batch" of E5200's, the motherboard is not going to limit you on the FSB as some motherboards just don't like higher FSB's, and the Heatsink/Fan can hold the load temps below 65*c. All of this will have to factor in here... Possible, yes, probable, no. No harm in trying though...
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