Idiot's Guide to setting up a home network

Can someone out there help please?

I want to set up a home network comprising my desktop PC and my laptop. The PC runs on Windows XP and the Laptop on Windows Vista Business.

I have a BT (Thomson) router. The PC connects wirelessly to this and the Laptop does likewise. What I want to do is to access all my PC files and desktop from the Laptop. Can this be done?

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  1. You need to share a drive or folder on each PC and put each one in the same workgroup. Configure the firewalls to trust those computers or the whole network range. From there you goto my network places to access those folders/drives.
  2. Hi sturm,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Can you please tell me step by step how to set up the systems to share the drive/folder? I'm really a novice.

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