4870 bios update decreased crashes in games...

I'm using a core duo2 e6750, sapphire 4870, 4gigs corsair ram and using vista ultimate 32bit...(all latest drivers)

while playing for example fallout3, fifa 2009 i used to get crashes and freezes... but now i updated the bios of the grahic card the card is more stable...

I recommend for everyone...

but do it the proper way... using the official drivers and using the ms-dos way...
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  1. 4gig of ram with 32bit system = waste :(

    also, when you say you updated the "bios" of the graphic card, you really mean you updated the drivers. Those are two separate things.
  2. when i say bios of graphic card i mean the bios of my graphic card... you need to flash the card bios.

    with a 32bit vista u can use up to 3300mb which i have to say makes a difference in games such as crysis and farcry 2 ....
  3. Whats up with people posting this with little detail as possible. Doesnt even show what version the driver update is. And he calls them bios for his video card. LOL
  4. He meant that but, you probably seen that by now. I would like to knwo what BIOS you up=dated to and what card you have how ever 1gb or 512mb.

    Edit: Wow I just niticed how old my signature is :kaola: .
  5. my sapphire 4870 is 512mb version... to update bios ..

    first of all i downloaded the bios from sapphires official website. then got a floppy disk and formated it and made it a boot up disk. Added the files i downloaded. restarted the computer and booted the comp. from the floppy drive. Then typed in flash.bat. Finished...
  6. I noticed that after modding my own original BIOS I started getting BSODs complaining about the driver and now I flashed to this BIOS,


    and everything is ok again. Tha one is a power color BIOS but, I have the 1gb version so don't try to use that one people with 512mb cards. These cards are picky about something setting wise and I didn't manage to figure it out because I didn't feel like wasting to much time on it.
  7. vudali:

    it surprises me that you'd go through the hassle of flashing your vid card but don't know that you're wasting a third of your ram with a 32bit OS.

    after 30sec of googling, I came across this:

    it basically means that the guy now can overclock easier with bad tools :P

    I'd advise against the procedure. Instead, go get rivatuner, setup a launcher profile with the desired fan / overclock profile and enjoy :P
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