Plz need some help!!

hey guys i'm new here but read some of the posts here and i thought you guys could help me and because most other forums don't seem to like new people and answer me!

ok so i got the q8200 stock 2.33GHz and have overclocked it to 3.15GHz so far but know it could go higher.

the temps are idle 35c and 45 load

i have the nforce 790i ultra sli motherboard so i put the FSB at 1800 from 1333 and the memory at 1600 from 1333
the voltages are:
cpu core= 1.39375 (1.368 in cpuz)
cpu FSB= 1.35
memory= 1.650
spp= 1.45
mcp= 1.600

when i put the FSB up above 1800 the computer boots fine but under load it freezes
any help??
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  1. Your idle temps appear to be fine however you need to test settings with Prime 95 and see what the temps are like under full load. You list load temps but is that under stress such as Prime 95?

    You say it freezes under load so perhaps it's too hot?

    You shouldn't be taking your voltage on that CPU beyond 1.36 if you want it to live.

    It might be advantageous to go through this thread...........
  2. Nvidia chipsets are know to not be god overclockers with quad core cpus.
  3. I thought C2Ds could handle 1.45v? I'd start with the guide for OCing C2D/Qs that I'm assuming has been linked. Its really pretty simple. If your FSB is already 450MHz, you might be looking at the best you can do. (More so as a quad and an NVidia chipset.)
  4. 4745454b said:
    I thought C2Ds could handle 1.45v?

    The 65 nm CPU's will but the 45 nm CPU's are 0.85V – 1.3625V

    Unless I'm missing something the Q8200 is 45 nm technology.
  5. You both are sort of right. Q8200 is 45 nm CPU. Therefore, Intel's recommended max voltage is 1.3625 volts. Intel's max "do not exceed" voltage is 1.45 volts.

    For Matt's question. The Q8200 family is known to be not a particularly good overclocker. Check to see if you are overclocking your memory. That might be limiting your CPU overclock.

    Otherwise, 3 GHz+ is not bad for a Q8200.
  6. I think your cpu voltage should be the last thing you wanna mess with. Your RAM voltages are kinda low. When you're hitting the 1066 mark i think 2.1 is a good number for your RAM voltage. You need to gradually increase your ram voltage to handle the new FSB speeds. Then you run Prime95 and see if your computer stays on. What kinda RAM do you have anyway ?
  7. Oh yeah and you might wanna reduce your NB multiplier as well because you're overclocking that with the FSB which in turn makes that hit its ceiling first before your CPU
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