Old P4 1.7ghz Radeon 9800pro setup not performing as expected.

P4 1.7ghz 400FSB 256kb-Cache (Willamette)
Jetway P4MFM (P4M266-8233) Motherboard -> AGP 2.0 (2x/4x) supported ONLY
512MB Hynix DDR 400 PC3200 -> MOBO supports only DDR 266 and 200
Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb
300Watt 20pin PSU **LATEST INFO: Just upgraded to 400WATT and still get same error**
PCI 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub
PCI Sound Blaster Audigy 5.1

BEFORE u start ranting, upgrade your whole pc, this is tooo old, u gotta reconsider that this is my 2nd and older setup
bought 4-5years ago, about the same time WARCRAFT 3 was launched so should not have been a problem with a radeon 9800 pro
card. My acer Core 2 laptop 2.4ghz T7700 works fine but this desktop is giving me headache.

First of all, i just bought this old Radeon card frm a friend and it is working fine.
I installed the AGP card (DRIVER SETUP FILE NAME FROM ATI SITE: 8-10_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_69561)and ran some test with an old 3DMARK05 but screen went blank and sometimes it kept flickering so i followed advice frm others and decided to unplugg my 2 old cd drives and 1 floppy drive thinking that it could had been due to inadequate power supply. Well it worked. Now i could run the 3DMARK05 test but results were horrible for a card of that series.. Tried the latest map 6.56 AI+Plus 5 on 5 on the highest detail and resolution(1024x768) and it was as if I was playing on a 48kpbs dial up modem online. Even tried the lowest detail and resolution and still same problem. Is the PSU still not giving enough juice even after taking out the power cable from 3 drives ? Also tried playing Counterstrike 1.6 with 32bots including me.. It was quite laggy when those bots were near me. Game hanged a couple of times..

Solutions ? ::

Anyone here can help me figure out how to fix this ? I have inlcuded the screenshot for the catalyst control center
just to show that it is the latest version for RADEOn 9XXX series and also EVEREST PRO and CPU-Z reports. Thank You.
Lastly, max resolution supported by my LCD monitor is only 1024 x 768. Also HD videos(1280x720) laggs. The audio comes
much earlier than the video. And I ran DXDIAG direct 3d test and the Cube was spinning so fast that you pretty much
cant see the direct X logo on it's sides.

Is the memory not enough ? Need 1GB ? Is the processor with 256L2 cache too slow ?

I am getting a new 400watt PSU today and also gonna borrow a 1GB DDR400 PC3200 ram although it is gonna be
downcloaked automatically to 200MHZ from 400MHZ. Why doesnt it go 266 but instead goes lower at 200 ?
Maybe I should try OMEGA DRIVERS for the graphic card ?

Program used
TuneUp Utilities 2008 (1-Click Maintenance)
Advanced WindowsCare V2 Pro
Diskeeper 2008

Here is the link to the 2 HTML Docs(Everest Ultimate and CPU-Z reports both packed in rar file)
http://www.mediafire.com/file/qjmqymyzyez/HTML DOCS.rar


GONNA CHECK IF THE CARD IS FAULTY OR NOT LATER... Maybe my fren never check it properly.
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  1. checked the card.. it is workin.. maybe the CPU too slow ? 1.7ghz FSB400 with only 256kb cache too slow ?
  2. Checked the card how?

    Hangs and such are symptoms of driver issues - I'd try several versions.

    Keep in mind the 9800 is AGP 8x while your board is 4x. You won't be able to get the best numbers with that kind of setup. 1.7GHz is a bit slow, but it should be okay. Can you overclock it any?
  3. i tried placin the card at my fren's AMD setup.. somewhat similar specs as mine but difference is that he has a similar ram but of 1gb capacity and his mobo is amd type .. with amd 1.6ghz.. he has no PCI soundcard.. uses internal ones but his setup doesnt lag HD movies and can play the same games at a much better non lag rate. maybe it is my processor that is limitin my performance.. i know that AMD was better 4-5years back as stated above
  4. His AMD won't be much faster than your P4. Check what driver he uses, find his, and use it. That is the problem if the 4x limit isn't. Check how much RAM you have available to the system, too.
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