Hurry need answers now! plz thanks

Someone please tell me if this would defeat the purpose or if there is a shortcut!

I have a WD 300gb hardrive that holds my boot OS and all my games,media. I want to boot from a new seagate 250gb and use that for the OS and backups only. Now can i just install my OS onto the seagate and delete the OS from my WD without re-formatting? If not can i format the seagate get my pc booting from that and transfer my data from the WD to the seagates...then wipe the WD and transfer it back? Where im at right now is not having a 3rd HDD to transfer my data to so i can wipe everything clean at once. So if i get my seagates booting and xfer my data to that then transfering it back and deleting it will it some how clutter my newly formatted HD or defeat the purpose at all?

If someone has AIM and wants to help me that way id really appreciate it! *** id rather call someone up (US only lol) and make this as quick as possible

my AIM is white4lfe message me if you would like to help or just post here :D

Thanks for reading
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  1. To make things simple, remove the old HDD from your system, connect the new one, and install Windows onto it. Then add the old drive back again, making sure that the BIOS is configured to boot from the new drive.

    You'll now be able to access both drives. Files in personal folders on the old drive may be protected against access from the accounts in the new system - if that's an issue you need to use an administrative account to take ownership of the folders and their contents, then change the access lists to allow yourself access of them.

    If I were you I'd probably back up all the data files from the old drive onto the new one (that can be your first backup), re-format the old drive, and then restore the files back to it. You COULD just delete the Windows folder, and system files, but you'd likely end up with a pretty badly fragmented drive and it would be nice to start with a clean slate.

    Personally I'd be uncomfortable unless I also had backups on an external drive as well. There are too many risks to data on the same machine for my tastes.
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