Artifacts detected no matter what.

Recently, Ive been getting artifacts in games. so i ran ATI tray tools, and no matter what clock speed i have it set at, it would always detect artifacts.

i have a sapphire ati radeon x1950 pro.

Then i would try uninstalling the driver and cleaning the drivers with driver cleaner, and reinstall, and the game would be fine for a few hours, then it would start up again.

In the past i could scan for artifacts and it would never find any.

The only way i could find to get rid of them is to reinstall my drivers, ive tried both catalyst and omega. but reinstalling only works for a few hours.

Is there something wrong with my video card?
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  1. Sounds like you need to clean the video's heatsink. You are having heat issues on the card.
  2. +1 for RDB
    And you might want to look at your entire pc interior including the psu while you`re in there.
  3. try playing with an open case
  4. +1 on the heat issues. Clean the dust out of the card, and check to make sure the fan is working correctly. A card that is a couple years old it is not unusual at all for the fan to go belly up on you. Since the 1950 pro exhausts air into the case, check your case and PSU fans as well to be sure of good case ventilation.
  5. for whatever it is worth,,sometimes when a psu is on it's last legs,,depending upon system configuration,,you will get video artifacts,although what I usually see is a general slowing down of the system while in operation,the variable is due to ,,1, how a system is tuned and,, 2,how much power it draws and,,3 ,the age/output of the psu,,so besides the above suggestions you might try another psu,,generally speaking video cards rarely produce artifacts and, when they do well,,see above..:)
  6. At first, i thought it could never be a heat issue cause i stuck a pretty strong vacuum cleaner to it and sucked out what i thought to be all the dust.

    Then you guys sounded pretty sure it was heat, so i took a twist tie and poked around the small crevaces in the fan grills, cause i could not see the grill good enough due to the dark blue tint of the cover.

    Low and behold, chunks of dust balls came out, and i took a hair dryer, and set it to cold, and blew it all out.

    Im pretty disgusted at how sapphire made the case that covers the heatsink very hard to take out, to the point where i had to use a hair dryer to remove dust.

    well anyways, artifacts are back to zero, thanks to you guys.

    Much Appreciated!!
    Cheers to you 5 good people :)
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