Heatsink help.

I think this is the right category.

Anyway, I need to remove a stock intel heatsink that came with my computer. The only problem is there's a big funnel/cone attached to the heatsink blocking my ability to unscrew it, any ideas on how to remove said funnel/cone?
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  1. Whats the processor? if you dont know download CPU-Z and run it (sorry if thats patronising...some people dont know whats in their PC :D )
  2. It's a Q8200

    I'm idling at an average of 50c so I figured I should try a better heatsink but I can't for the life of me get this one off because of this funnel/cone lol
  3. Can't find any pictures of this funnel type deal for the 8200
  4. Same here, i was hoping to find someone with a similar issue. Any chance of a pic?
  5. Doesn't matter, lol. I figured it out, it just took a lot more power to unclip and lift off than I felt comfortable using, I thought I was going to break my motherboard. They should really make these things easier to take off. Thanks anyway!
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