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I have a Dell inspiron 537 with a intel celeron 450 and a dell motherboard whose model number is: 0U880P. Iwant to overclokc this computer because the cpu is always running at %100 evan at idle. I am new to overclocking but all i think i need is the voltages and the speeds to set the motherboard and cpu at.
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  1. OK first of all I don't think you are going to get very far attempting to overclock a DELL because that's probably a non starter.

    Secondly if your CPU is always under 100% load then you have issues going on that have nothing to do with the need to overclock.

    I suggest you test your system for malware because there's no way you should be under full load at idle unless you're running something like a distributed computing project intentionally.
  2. My Dell's BIOS is locked near enough...
    And as for 100% idle... probably because of the "system idle process" in task manager? Or may well be because of virus and such as lonewolf says
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