Abit IP35 Refuses to boot/post

hi all,
I decided to build a htpc out of my spare parts, so i bought a B Grade Abit IP35 (from overclockers UK), which refuses to post/boot at all. There is no video output at all, everything spins up etc but nothing output wise.
The two leds on the board light up but as i said nothing, after abit of googling this seems to be a problem which plagues Abit p35 boards, some seemed to have solved it with a cmos clear (and double booting but thats another problem all together) but that does nothing in my case. I've also tried stripping the system to just mobo, 1 stick of ram, cpu and video but to no avail.
I know all my components are working as they were being used until i upgraded them, and they've sat in their original boxes since, apart from the hard drive which i bought new for this build.
So can anyone think of anything else i can try? Or is it RMA time?

Spec's are:
C2D E6300 with Thermaltake Golden Orb 2
4gb of Crucial DDR2-5300
ATI 3870 512mb
Antec Truepower 2.0 480w
250GB Maxor SATA HD
Silverstone LC17B
and the troublesome ABit IP35

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  1. spotter300 have tried taking every thing and trying on a flat piece of card board to see if it will boot up.if it's not making a post beep.maybe the heatsink that has a push pin connection is not secure.i would chek cpu first to make sure connection.if that didn't work try to assemble every thing outside the case.hope this helps you out
  2. hi,
    thanks for the idea i think something was shorting it, i took out the motherboard and reseated it and it started, only problem now is it wont enter the bios settings or boot/post with mor ethan one ram stick in
  3. spotter300 the short maybe a stand off thats why I suggested putting all the part outside the case and seeing it would post!
  4. ....i did take it out...as i said it was a short, now i've replaced but it was being temperamental with the ram, seems ok now, though i think generally could do with the newet bios. thanks for your help
  5. spotter300 you may have to go into bios and set your ram manually.by the way how did you know my name was jack.just kidding but my name is jack.hope you get every thing working stable.lol
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