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ok my xps 630i has a q9300@2.5GHz, now when i was looking to buy this pc a few months ago dell marketed it as overclockable so i bought it. it was great when i got it and started to oc my gpu (at the time was SLI 9800GT) and then i went on to my cpu. low and behold as because its a dell there is a catch to everything, yes the system is unlocked to be overclocked but the processor i chose will not and cannot be overclocked on this mobo (q9300 is a yorkfield) all yorkfeilds cannot be overclocked by the 650i SLI mobo. great. but i did find i could get the 10% increase by using the nvidia control panel so i did achieve an overclock to 2.7GHz from stock 2.5GHz. but as soon as you change the voltages to get a higher oc, the system will freeze. if you try it in the bios the system wont post. so im stuck until i learn how to replace the cpu in this pc.

but my question is, is my Q9300@2.7GHz a bottleneck to my SLI 9800GTX+? i dont know how to determine this my self or i would. i get great fps in crysis averaging about 48 fps on all high settings and the lowest ive seen is 30 fps. call of duty world at war isnt SLI optimized yet (it has dual video card setting but game still only uses one, i have my gpu temps displayed on screen during games and gpu2 temp never rises above idle temp which = no work being done) but i nver go below 37 fps in that game. is it time to get a Q6600 and oc? or am i ok with my Q9300?

thanks to any one who actually reads all this and can help me out. btw i dont want to hear dell sucks, this xps 630i is a really nice pc and you can do alot with it.
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  1. Your perfectly fine for now, There are no bottlenecks currently in your system and you should only get an upgrade if any game you have isn't at playable settings.
  2. thanks man, ill just sit back and enjoy for now
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