X58 Classified Temps or Software Based

I am finally finished with my first liquid build. I am just running one loop for now and have a quick question. I have the EVGA Classified that reads the temp right on the mobo once booted into Windows. OC'd to 3.89, I will up it, REALTEMP and CoreTemp read a high of 68 while the board reads 54.

I would assume the board would be more accurate since it would be based off the bios reading? I am still new to this so take it easy on the responses.
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  1. Make sure your TJ Max is set to 100C in REAL Temp. Depending on your ambient temp, 68C isn't too bad. What program did you use to stress the CPU?
  2. I was using Prime95, both large and small. The TJ Max is at 100*. It just seems odd there would but such a large difference if they are measuring the same point.
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