Best HDD for my RAID requirements

Hey guys.

After a lot of headache and frustration I finally came to terms that I could not resolve this dilemma and I had to ask the professionals.

We're a wedding video production house, and need an array that will be accessed by all our editors simultaneously. The array has to be able to handle the big throughput needed.

Therefore we're most probably buying the N7700PRO or N8800PRO.

Question is, which 2TB HDD's would you recommend that are suitable for our needs and that are also good value for money.
Bare in mind I'm in Sydney. Australia, unfortunately prices here are so high it is ridiculous! So if you're from OZ please also recommend the cheapest place/site to buy.

Thank you so much in advance!
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  1. The mfr has a compatibility list here:

    Interesting that they only have one 10K rpm drive on there, the 36GB raptor. I'd talk to them about what they recommend. For what you're talking about, I'd go with 10K rpm drives in a RAID 10 array, if they don't support any 15K rpm drives.
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