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Attempting to repair a laptop(HP Pav DV2214us) with video problems most likely caused from overheating GPU as far as I can tell. (Tried EXT monitor, all internal cables attached, and problem starts and gets worse after time till failure). Break the laptop down, which is no easy task, and pull off the cpu-gpu heatsink-fan in hopes of just applying some new compound.

The cpu has a nice copper pad-heatpipe-to back fins cooling system mounted on a slim aluminum block. The gpu just has a square protruding from the aluminum block with a decent sized gap from the gpu that was bridged with a squishy "heat pad"(contact hp to get a replacement says the manual).

I ordered some pads from amazon but they ended up being thinner than paper and no good at bridging this gap. So next I got a copper pipe cap for plumbing dremmeled a flat disk from it and am hoping to bridge the gap with it. Going to use the thin pads from amazon to hold the copper in place as well on at least 1 side.

Just wanted some input before I applied this solution and any other general advice.

Read this post as well

First time poster too. I'll put some photos up if needed.

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  1. As weird as it sounds there is an air gap from the gpu and heatsink in this laptop. The cpu mounts flush enough for normal compound, but the gpu has about a 4mm air gap that previously had a thick squishy pad in it.(sorry its hard to measure the exact size of the gap). I'm just trying to improve the cooling desing since this gpu may be damaged and its performance affected exponentially more by temperature.
  2. Look here (and dig deep in the menues to find it) some good thermal tape. Looks like the manu folks did a poor job at designing this. You need quality tape and thick enuff.

    Good luck.........
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