How to install windows xp in core i5 processors

how to install xp in core i5 processors
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  1. Get 64 bit version of XP. Install and enjoy. Just for the record though Win7 handles multicore processors much better than XP.
  2. Find drivers for your motherboard. That might be the tricky part.
  3. The issue is not with the processor but with drivers for the rest of the hardware. The CPU will run whatever is asked of it, but the motherboard, video card, network card, etc.. all need to be supported under XP. Check for drivers for your system from the vendor(s).
  4. Hi,

    i have posted an archive with drivers suitable for imac based on Sandy Bridge under Windows XP

    support for :
    chipset sandy bridge
    Radeon 6770M
    hdmi audio
    facetime Camera HD
    firewire 800 (1394B)

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