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I've decided to mildly overclock my brand new core i5-750. I've decided the next specs...

Keep in mind that I have dcided for such a configuration thinking about low wattage and longevity. In the future, I could use a more agressive overclock when needed. I never plan to crossfire at all.

Settled for a 3.2Ghz overclock, BCLK 160Mhz, CPU multiplier at x20, with Turbo Mode Disabled, LLC disabled, Vcore voltage 1.13750, VTT 1.1000V, DRAM Voltage 1.5 (Memory at 1600MHz). The rest of the specs are at default.

Am I safe with such a low Vcore voltage? Should I rise it? I've read default is aroung 1.25V. My motherboard on auto was set to 1.248 aprox. I even went as low as 1.1000V and the system boots nicely.

Anyway, I boot into Windows7 easily and pass a Linx 0.6.4 test without a problem at Vcore 1.13750V. Temperatures are low and seem system seems pretty stable.

My system components are:

- Core i5-750 CPU.
- Xigmatek HDT-S1284 Achilles Rev.C HSF.
- Gigabyte P55A-UD3R Motherboard.
- Saphire Ati Radeon HD5850 video card.
- Corsair TX650W PSU.
- Antec 300 case (added a Scythe Gentletyphoon 1200 rpm 120x120 in the fron for intake).
- Samsung Sinpoint F3 1TB 7200 rpm.
- G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2GB CL9 1.5V 1600 mhz.

I know I can go much higher than this with this specs (that's planned for the future), but... am I good to go like this? Thank you very much in advance. ^__^
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  1. Thanks for the reply. Do you think it is safe to undervolt down to, for example, 1.1000V as long as it passes those stress tests. I've done some research and that number is pretty common. There are even lower numbers out there.

    Is there any risk if I keep lowering the voltage aside from losing stability?

    I forgot to add that now, idle temperatures are around 25ºC.
  2. Quote:
    There is no risk in undervolting. It's encouraged.

    Now I feel a ltle better, hehe. Thanks a for the info. CPU-Z show 1.086V Core Voltage at idle and 1.056V when stressed and the processor seems stable, even thought I selected 1.1000V on my motherboard.

    I am even thinking about rising the BCLK to 166 to reach 3.320Ghz on the processor and 1660Mhz on my memory. Since memory is 1600Mhz rated at 1.5V, can I do this without increasing the Dram Voltage. I think I should be pretty safe with those values...
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