Are these temps ok? (Core i7 stock cooling, 84 degress on full load)

Hello folks, before I started doing some light OC, I wanted to make sure that my system was stable at stock settings, without any after market cooling devices.

My h/w specification goes like this:

CPU - Core i7 920 D0 Stepping 2.67 GHz
Motherboard - MSI Pro-E
RAM- Corsair 6 Gb kit 1333 MHz 1.5V
Video card- Nvidia 9500 GT 1 Gb
Hard drives- WD 500 Gb X 2
Operating system- Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit
PSU- Corsair VX450W

I ran Mprime (the linux port of Prime95) for an hour without any issues. The temperatures were as follows:

Idle: CPU: 25-26
IOH: 64

Load: CPU: 84
IOH: 77

I know that IOH temps are high at idle(known issue among MSI Pro-E boards), but am getting an Antec Spot Cool fan to fix that.

However what I want to know is that at full load, isn't the CPU temp too high ? My system didn't crash, but since I am new to this subject, please let me know what you think.
Also, is there a possibility of slightly OCing the system, say up to 3 GHz, with the stock cooler, or should I start saving for a good CPU cooler ?
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  1. open up your side panel and see if it improves temps. Make sure your cooler is fitted onto the motherboard. Alos save for a good coler like the hyper 212+, It's 30 dollars and offers great cooling for i7
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    Dont even think about overclocking with a stock cooler, 84C is way to hot!, Keep it under 73C, also your IOH is very got, what case do you have?

    Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus is a good budget cooler and will do alot better than the stock cooler. Make sure you invest in some quality thermal paste too, like Arctic Silver 5.
  3. Hot** Not got :lol:
  4. ^^ Well, as I said, its a MSI X58 Pro-E board. I am not concerned about IOH temps, since they will be taken care of by a spot fan. I will surely get the hyper 212+ soon.

    @ubernoobie: Yes, removing the side panel lowers the temps, but then I don't want things to get dirty. I checked the fitting of the cooler, its fixed fine.

    But the thing is that on almost all the reviews posted on the net, don't mention temps this high on full load without overclocking using stock cooler. That's why I was a little more concerned.
  5. if opening the case decreases temps then that tells you that your case doesnt have good air flow. Maybe some cable management and some additional fans would help.

    You still didnt mention your case....
  6. Oh sorry I thought you wre asking for the board ! My case is CM 690.
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