Windows Server 2008 BSOD w/ Abit IP35 Pro

I thought I'd give Server 2008 a try since it was on Dreamspark for free, and I've read all these great things about it--how people have been using it as a workstation OS.

I've been getting D1 and A stop errors pretty consistently. At first I thought it had to do with when I was writing to any kind of disk, but it wouldn't die until some time into each writing. I've saved the kernel dump files from c:\windows\memory.dmp and have 4 or so saved up, so I think I'll stop that now cuz they're pretty large :)

Here's some photos:

seems that when there's a D1 error, it mentions NDIS.SYS, but when i get a A error, it won't mention any file.

Here's some screenshots of the event viewer system logs for the first 3 times it's crashed (I believe I'm up to 6 since I installed the OS yesterday).

If you look at the activity before the crash (I highlighted the line that says it recovered from an unexpected shutdown) on the 2nd and 3rd one, it says there's a Warning for storFit and the description reads "The Virtual Storage Filter Driver is disabled through the registry. It is inactive for all disk drives." In fact, the entries between that warning and the Eventlog Error line indicating the unexpected shutdown are pretty consistent on all of the crashes since that 1st one. So it sounds network related mayhaps? I guess it does talk about NDIS.SYS for the D1 stops...

I'm downloading "Debugging Tools for x86" from Microsoft right now, as well as the Server 2008 retails symbols files...hopefully they'll fiinish uninterrupted this time (the symbols file is 240 MB and it's died once already since the start). I realized that I hadn't gotten my chipset driver installed so that might account for the hard drive writing thing (AHCI/sata related?), but I installed that a half hour ago and it's died twice since.

When I'm idle it seems to be fine (I left it on overnight), which makes me think its a disk thing. I really have never known how to diagnose these stop errors. Is there a place other than the event viewer than might give a more detailed description? It seems to do the D1 and A errors randomly, so I'm not sure if they're related and caused by the same thing, or if they're for two different errors that are unrelated (man I hope not...).

I started disabling devices in the BIOS to see if they might be the cause, and discovered that if I disable the two built in gigabit NICs, I stop getting the D1 and A errors, and then only get (less frequent) 8E errors. Did a memory check, and all is good.

I'd really appreciate any info. Thanks!

Edit: Signature not showing for some reason: Abit IP35 Pro XE, Q9450, eVGA GeForce 9600GT, 4GB G.Skill DDR1000@667, Primary 640GB: Ubuntu 8.04, XP; Secondary 320GB: Vista, Samsung SATA DVD
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  1. i was having a similar problem with vista for a while and i played around with the irql's in the bios and it was all taken care or i think it had to do with legacy ports i didn't have anything plugged into so i disabled them, like serial port and parallel port
  2. My board doesn't actually have any of those ports. I've disabled everything I'm not using, like IDE channels (all sata here), etc. Still no go.
  3. I just got it again and after this time, I got a "Windows Recovered From a Serious Error" for the first time. If I click details, I get this:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
    OS Version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional information about the problem:
    BCCode: 1000008e
    BCP1: C0000005
    BCP2: 81A2FB2A
    BCP3: 9B30F598
    BCP4: 00000000
    OS Version: 6_0_6001
    Service Pack: 1_0
    Product: 272_3

    Files that help describe the problem:

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    Of course if you click "Check if Windows can find a solution," nothing ever happens. Also, the xml & text file they list don't exist. Does this provide any extra info that might help? On the plus side, I updated my realtek driver and now I no longer get d1 and a errors (so far)!

    Thanks for your continued help everyone!
  4. i got very similar errors.

    started getting them 6 months after i got machine. that summer had numerous shut-downs becasue of heat (the room was not air conditioned)

    then i got losts of the same kind of errors.

    machine would look for hard drive errors and would not find any.

    i re-installed windows xp several times, no change.

    i think it is a BIOS softeware error. my bios date is 2/9/07, ver 1.02.80.

    i will update my bios today.

    what is the date of your bios?

    equip: abit ip35 pro, gforce 8600 gt video, creative audigy 2 sound
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